A customer-focused company; Sayger Automation, was established in 2008 in order to provide innovative, effective and rapid solutions to issues of automation, electronic and machinery systems and to procure electronic spare parts, special circuits, hybrid circuits, electronic companents and special products according to clients' requirement with its expert staffs who have decade of combined experience in their specialties. Sayger Automation, which locates in Nilüfer Ticaret Merkezi in Bursa, is always in the service of supplying the best and the fastest solutions to clients since its inception.
  • Our Vision
    • Our vision is to be a company which is a leader, prestigious and reliable R & D, production and commercial company that spreads the high quality and innovation concepts in all processes of production,and provides effective solutions in machinery, electronics and automation systems with its specialist staff, high quality products and service by using high-tech equipments.
  • Our Mission
    • In our sector, the ultimate goals of Sayger Automation are to be an expected and trusted service provider, and to spread its R&D, production and procurement services all over the world with a big market share.